President Ellie

The President is the face of the organization. All end responsibility lies with this function. The President makes sure all other board members can do their jobs the best they can, by supporting them wherever needed. On the other hand, the President makes sure all of our members and all other attendees at HSS events feel welcome, safe and as happy as possible. In short, the President is responsible for the following:

  • Organizing and preparing the meetings

  • Lead the meetings

  • Make sure all board members stay happy within the board

  • Organize informal activities for the board

  • Strategic overview

  • Support other board members wherever needed

  • Book rooms for meetings and events

  • Host all events; meaning do all intro speeches, make every attendee feel welcome, etc.

  • Maintain contact and provide updates between s4s and the board

  • Maintain contact and provide updates between advisory board and the board

About our President:

Hi! I'm Ellie, I am a second year psychology student. For the upcoming academic year I will be the president of the Happy Student Society. Mental well being is the most important aspect of my life so I joined the Happy Student Society to spread the awareness and help others in need.

Project Manager Sigita

Project Manager is responsible for the organisation and supervision of events. In addition, project manager manages our student well-being mentors and be part of their personal and professional development. This position requires a lot of enthusiasm, being able to multitask between different projects and keep in touch with our ambassadors. Moreover, project manager arranges all social activities of the Happy Student together with the other board members. In short, the Project manager is responsible for:

  • Organising all events

  • Supervising all events

  • Managing well-being mentors

About our project manager:

Hello! My name Sigita Lapina, I come from Latvia (a quite small country in Eastern Europe). Currently I am third year of my bachelor in double degree in Econometrics and Economics. I love running, coffee and helping people. As the degree I am doing by its name says - it’s very, very stressful. Throughout my study, I have had lots of downs and of course some ups, but I overcame it even though I had no idea where to go. That is why I decided to join the Happy Student Society - to be able to help others in need. Also, I love organising events and if that does something good for others - even better!

External Relations Manager Olga

The External Relations Manager is in charge of the contact with our current partners. This manager also looks for new opportunities to collaborate with other organizations. Think about, for example, a professor who could give a lecture on stress management or a psychologist who could give a workshop on perfectionism. This person receives a lot of freedom to expand our network. This means the external relations manager does not only have contact via email but also meet with a lot of people in person to explore new ideas together. In short, this means responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining the relationship with current partners

  • Connecting with new partners

  • Contacting professors/organisations for events

  • Meeting up with other associations to explore new ideas

About our External Relations Manager:

Hey everyone, my name is Olga Molinier and I come from France. I am currently 20 years old and in my second year of International Business Administration. During my first year of bachelor, I realized that it was harder for some students to get used to university life. When looking around me, I started to see some of my friends stressed or having a hard time falling asleep or even starting a slight depression. I tried to understand the problem and I realized that there was a real lack of consideration for student's well-being and mental health from university. When I came across the Happy Student Society, I knew it was the right association for me. Together with the board, we aim to create a community of self-aware students who look after their well-being before anything else and I am really proud of what we achieved so far :)

Social Media Manager Eliza

For a new organisation, creating brand awareness is really important. This can be done both online and offline. The Social Media Manager is responsible for the online part. This means posting inspirational quotes, articles about well-being, things to make students feel happier. Next to that, the Social Media Manager is, together with our well-being mentors, responsible for creating the monthly newsletter for our members. So Social Media Manager is responsible for:

  • Growing our social presence

  • Post information about all of our events

  • Take pictures during events

About our Social Media Manager:

Hi! I am Eliza Pawlak, I am Polish and I am a second-year International Business Administration student. In the board of the Happy Student Society, I am responsible for managing social media and marketing. I decided to become a member of this amazing society, as I believe there is not enough support and awareness regarding well-being and mental health at our university. Many students either struggle with excessive stress and anxiety or just need someone to talk to and listen to, that is why the main goal of the HSS is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to deal with everyday challenges. Additionally, we show everyone that prioritising well-being and mental health is a good thing to do. Remember that we are here for you! If there is anything you would like to talk about, send us an email ( or a DM us on one of our socials.

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