The Board

The board of 2021/2022 consists of 5 students.

President Ella

The President is the face of the organization. All end responsibility lies with this function. The President makes sure all other board members can do their jobs the best they can, by supporting them wherever needed. On the other hand, the President makes sure all of our members and all other attendees at HSS events feel welcome, safe and as happy as possible. In short, the President is responsible for the following:

  • Organizing and preparing the meetings

  • Lead the meetings

  • Make sure all board members stay happy within the board

  • Organize informal activities for the board

  • Strategic overview

  • Support other board members wherever needed

  • Book rooms for meetings and events

  • Host all events; meaning do all intro speeches, make every attendee feel welcome, etc.

  • Maintain contact and provide updates between s4s and the board

  • Maintain contact and provide updates between advisory board and the board

About our President:

Hi! My name is Ella, I’m a psychology student and am passionate about mental health, which is why I decided to join Happy Student Society.

As I’m coming to the end of my studies at EUR I have witnessed and personally experienced how studies can affect our mental health from the anxiety of living in a new environment to the stress of exams with plenty in between, and am also aware of how hard it can be to find help and support when needed. This is why I am so happy to be part of the HSS board. I’m looking forward to helping students strengthen their mental health while studying!

Project Manager Events - Sofiia

The Project Manager is responsible for the organisation and supervision of events. You work closely with the other Project Manager. This position requires a lot of enthusiasm, being able to multitask between different projects, and great organizational skills in order to successfully plan events. Moreover, project manager arranges all social activities of the Happy Student together with the other board members. In short, the Project manager is responsible for:

  • Identify the needs of students and create suitable events

  • Initiate, organise, and supervise all events

About our project manager:

Hi! My name is Sofiia. I study IBEB. When I first came to to study at Erasmus University, I was terrified in front of the fully unknown environment. I wish I had somebody near during these challenging times, somebody who fully understands you because he or she had been through the same things. This is why I want to help future students go through adaptation and further stress very smoothly, as I understand from my own experience how demotivating and challenging it all can be. I think that it is very important to support students' mental health as well as their happiness, which is one of the primary goals of the Happy Student Society, that I find very motivating and exciting. I joined the team to help students fight with pressure and stress without negative consequences on their mental health and well-being!

Project Manager Wellbeing Mentors - Haya

Project Manager you is responsible for the supervision of our wellbeing mentors. You work closely with the other Project Manager and the Marketing manager to bring awareness of our wellbeing mentors. You are responsible for boarding the awareness of wellbeing mentors, being the middle bridge between students and mentors, making sure the open hours and private meetings can happen. In short:

  • Manage the well-being mentor programme

  • Organize the training of the mentors (contact potential trainers, ensure the mentors are

  • Support of the mentors when needed

  • Organize the schedules, sign-ups, reply to inquiries from students

About our project manager - wellbeing mentors

Hi! I’m Haya, I’m from Egypt and I’m a third year psychology student. I chose to study psychology and join the happy student society for similar reasons. I’ve seen both through firsthand experience and those of the people around me how important it is to talk about your mental health and well-being, and how if it’s ignored it can have negative consequences on many aspects of your life. I also feel that our generation faces unique challenges that influence our wellbeing, primarily digital media and as ‘pioneers’ of technology, we have very limited resources about effective tech use in a way that doesn’t add to the stress and pressure of everyday life. I hope that together with the rest of the board I’m able emphasize the significance of taking time to check your mental health to fellow students, and hopefully be able to actively help a few along the way as well, whether this is through our well-being mentor program where you can reach out to a fellow student to talk to, or just by lending a helping hand!

External Relations Manager Nada

The External Relations Manager is in charge of the contact with our current partners. This manager also looks for new opportunities to collaborate with other organizations. Think about, for example, a professor who could give a lecture on stress management or a psychologist who could give a workshop on perfectionism. This person receives a lot of freedom to expand our network. This means the external relations manager does not only have contact via email but also meet with a lot of people in person to explore new ideas together. In short, this means responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining the relationship with current partners

  • Connecting with new partners

  • Contacting professors/organisations for events

  • Meeting up with other associations to explore new ideas

About our External Relations Manager:

Hi! I’m Nada, I’m currently 22 years old, and I come from Morocco. As a psychology student I truly value the importance of mental health and well-being. I believe it is crucial to continuously raise awareness on these subjects and to help those in need, mainly when we are living in a time where we are facing many challenges that impact our mental well-being. For these reasons, I decided to join the Happy Student Society in order to promote as much well-being as possible!

Social Media Manager - Mayra

For a new organisation, creating brand awareness is really important. This can be done both online and offline. The Social Media Manager is responsible for the online part. This means posting inspirational quotes, articles about well-being, things to make students feel happier. Next to that, the Social Media Manager is, together with our well-being mentors, responsible for creating the monthly newsletter for our members. So Social Media Manager is responsible for:

  • Growing our social presence

  • Post information about all of our events

  • Take pictures during events

About our Social Media Manager:

Hi! I’m Mayra and I’m a second year IBCoM student! I will be the new Marketing Manager for Happy Student Society this year. I’m very passionate about mental health, especially when it comes to spreading awareness about it and de-stigmatising it. I feel that marketing plays a big role in how mental health is talked about in our society and therefore it is an integral part of HSS!


Below you can read more of our history


The second board consisted of 5 students, namely, Ellie (the president), Sigita (the project manager), Olga (the external relations manager, Eliza (the social media manager).

How was it founded?

Happy Student Society was founded in December 2018, to promote mental well-being among students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In September 2019, the first board kick-started the program, focusing on the most common issues under students. For example, stress, loneliness, anxiety and burn-outs. Apart from that, the happy student society also wants to promote happiness among students. This can be by looking forward and providing a workshop about work-related happiness, or by looking at the present and inform students about little things that can either boost or decline your happiness.

What else?

About events:

Next to our own events, we are also one of the initiatives that helped create the Living Room. This is a space on campus where students can come to let go of all the stress for a while, play a game, have a nice chat, or read a book. Being part of the creation of this concept allowed us to connect to a lot of other well being-related initiatives and people at our university, and provides us with a perfect place to host some of our events.

Some ideas of events we have had before:

  • Food that makes you happy, collaboration with Erasmus Food Lab;

  • Paint Therapy workshop with pastor Rob van Warde;

  • 6 week Happiness course, collaboration with LifeVersity;

  • 7 Pillars of Happiness workshop;

  • Love in 2021, lecture given by EHERO and PhD candidate Elisabeth Timmermans;

  • Mindfulness workshops;

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