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Are you open, creative and eager to cooperate with the fellow students? Would you like to contribute to improving students’ well-being and raising awareness about mental health? APPLY NOW! We are recruiting a new board. More details will follow within the next few days🧡 For tasks for each board position check the link below.


Exams, assignments, work, deadlines... all of that can give us unpleasant goosebumps and cause extensive stress and anxiety. In the upcoming week, together with the International Students Rotterdam we will be hosting online workshops with the student advisor Katie Berry on HOW TO DEAL WITH STUDY STRESS🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏽 Sign up here! 25.03.21 14:00-15:30 Don’t be late as we have very limited capacity!

7 Pillars of Happiness

New event upcoming! Join the workshops with amazing Merijn Ruis who is known for his motivational speeches that combine science and humor to talk about our happiness! During the event he will focus on the 7 Pillars of Happiness and how to enjoy life during Covid by dividing our happiness into small, more attainable pieces.

How to deal with stress? | Living Room event

What is stress? ⁠
Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.⁠

Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. But when stress lasts for a long time, it may harm your health.⁠
How to deal with it? The Living Room will have an online workshop about this from an Eastern Philosophy perspective. Join us on Thursday, 3 March 2021, from 17:00 until 19:00. The workshop is free of charge, however, a subscription is needed.

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